How to write an argumentative essay

Even if your occupation is not related to writing, it doesn’t mean that you will avoid essay writing. Each person may face the necessity to seek the answer to the question how to write an argumentative essay. However, before you proceed to write, you should know some significant tips that will help you to create a worthwhile essay.

Argumentative Essay Format

Generally, this form of writing should correspond to the following plan:

  • Introduction,
  • Developing your idea,
  • Contesting the arguments of your opponents,
  • Conclusion.

Let’s analyze how each step should look like.

1. Introduction.

As soon as you determine the outline for an argumentative essay, your next step is to select a strong theme. The theme should spark not only your interest, but the interest of the audience as well. Investigate some online resources and you will see a number of good argumentative essay topics. Besides, you should confirm your ideas with facts or evidence. As a consequence, you should prepare a strong, interesting and fascinating essay.

If you don’t know how to start an argumentative essay, start it with a hook and you will not regret. This is the first sentence, which grabs the attention of the audience. If you spend several minutes on surfing the net, you will see that the major part of student argumentative essay samples are used with hooks.

Besides, you should present the background information and the thesis statement. Generally, a thesis statement ends your introduction.

2. Developing your idea.

The author’s task is to develop several claims and back them up, using evidences. Using claims, you support your arguments. Evidence is a proof of the claim (factual information, taken from various resources). Searching the evidence, you will spend some time; however, the result is worth it.

3. Contesting the arguments of your opponents.

This part of paper is rather significant. Your task is to present the standpoints of your opponents and offer point-blank denial. Examples of argumentative essay show that in doing so, you prove that your standpoint is the most correct one. You present facts and evidence that prove your points.

4. Conclusion

When you proceed to conclusion, it means that you have almost finished your paper. Here you are to do the following:

  • Once again point on the importance of your standpoints.
  • Present the situation in the way as if your issues were implemented.

In the first part, you just paraphrase what you say in the introduction. In the final part, you just hit the audience upon the idea that the world changes, if your ideas will be implemented.

This form of writing is widespread now hardly there is a student who has never experienced the time when this task was given to them. Maybe you can give some advices or know valuable examples, giving the answer to the question how to write an argumentative essay. Our readers who surf the net, looking for efficacious advices will surely appreciate any prompt.

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