How to write a five paragraph essay

Generally, only students are befogged with the question how to write a 5 paragraph essay. This form of writing is not a prerogative of professionals. It was developed with the aim to help pupils or students organize their ideas and express thoughts in writing. Besides, if you face the problem to write something in the format of an essay on an exam, five paragraph essay will also be very useful.

How to write a really good essay? Where to find the prompt? This article will avail you finally find the answer.

As a rule, a 5 paragraph essay template looks the following way:

  • A short introduction,
  • 3 main paragraphs,
  • A conclusion.

Before you begin your writing, fill in five-paragraph outline. In doing so you save your time greatly and specify the issues, you want to cover. If you doubt or have some questions, you may surf the net and find some examples of 5 paragraph essay outline. They will help you concentrate on your task.

Writing an introduction

In the beginning, the author’s task is to start discussing the main theme and lead to a thesis statement. In some instances, the author may begin with a “grabber”, the main target of which is to catch the audience attention. If you take a gander at a good essay sample, you will see that a surprising story at the beginning really works.

The body paragraphs – the main body of an essay

The main rule, you should abide is only one concept in one paragraph. Never try to elucidate several ideas in one paragraph. Besides, each paragraph must encompass a mini thesis statement – the principle concept of the whole paragraph. Usage of some details, descriptions or spectacular examples will give zest to your paper.

The beginners frequently have lots of clarification seeking questions. Search engine is always ready to help – just type “show me a sample essay” or “an essay to do good” and you will be offered numerous sites, presenting tips about writing a good essay.

When you write the main part, don’t neglect the use of transitions. They are used with the aim to simplify understanding of an essay. They connect paragraphs and make the ideas, expressed in them, correlated. Therefore, think in advance what words and sentences you will use.


This is the final part of your paper. Your goal is to paraphrase your thesis statement. Besides, you should add several sentences in order to prove that your theme is really significant. Conclusion must be strong – in doing so, you have more chances to obtain more readers. By several sentences, written at the end of your paper, you have the vibe of good or bad writer.

Now, when you have read the article, please, tell us about your experience. Maybe you know resources where one can find 5 paragraph descriptive essay examples or 5 paragraph explanatory essay example? If there are individuals who can share the samples or say how to write an essay, our readers will be glad to view them.

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